Exterior, Interior and Sliding Doors

When we neglect the doors in and on our homes, we tend to find ourselves facing large repair bills down the road. A handyman is the ideal person to keep in touch with when it comes to doors because a handyman understands the nuances of installing, repairing and maintaining doors. If you do not pay attention to the doors in your home, then you could be losing a lot of money in heating bills, not to mention putting yourself and your family at greater risk of unwanted intrusions.

The primary kinds of doors that you will find in a home are exterior, interior, and sliding doors. You will find sliding doors on the interior of a home, but sliding doors are generally used as entrance ways to an exterior patio. Each year, it is necessary to have a handyman look over all of your doors and make sure that they are all operating properly. The money you will save in replacement costs will be more than worth the effort of asking a handyman to help you maintain your home.

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Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are the ones that protect the inside of your home from the elements outside. These doors have very important jobs, but they need the right kind of maintenance and help to get their jobs done. Each year, you need a handyman to inspect the insulation around your exterior door frames to make certain that it is adequate to keep out the elements. A little insulation in your exterior door frame can make a huge difference in your heating bills.

Your exterior doors tend to be heavier than the other doors in your home, which makes installing them difficult. If your exterior doors are not installed properly, they will not close and create that seal that prevents the outside air from flowing into your home. An experienced handyman can install your new exterior doors to make sure that they look good and are energy efficient as well.

Interior Doors

Your interior doors are the ones that separate the rooms in your home and they are also your interior closet doors as well. These tend to be very light doors, but they also afford you privacy when you are in a room. It is nice to be able to close a door and keep the rest of the world out for just a little while.

Some of the more complicated interior doors are the closet doors that are either folding doors, or they are the doors that ride on tracks to open and close. You should have a handyman come in each year to properly clean the tracks of these doors, or clean out the hinges for the folding doors. If you do not maintain these doors properly, then they become more difficult to open and close. Over time, the tracks can get bent and clogged with debris that will eventually force you to have to buy new doors. By having a handyman come in once a year to take care of your interior doors, you can preserve your investment in them and make sure they operate properly.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are normally used as exterior doors that lead to external patios. There are a wide variety of sliding doors, but they all require very specific kind of care in order to remain functional. A sliding door that is not installed or operating properly can allow cold air from the outside into your home on a regular basis. After a while, you will notice the temperature drop in a room where an improperly maintained and installed sliding glass door is located.

In most cases, sliding doors are double-pane glass doors that can be very decorative, or more functional than aesthetically pleasing. Each year, the tracks on your sliding doors need to be cleaned and checked for possible damage. It does not take much track damage to cause significant problems for your sliding doors. A good handyman can see the problems as they are happening and execute repairs that will allow you to retain your investment in these functional doors.

The doors on your home act as protection from intruders and from the outside elements. If you want your doors to always be functioning properly and offering the maximum amount of protection from everything that you do not want in your home, then have a handyman come to your home at least once a year to check all your doors and recommend any necessary repairs.

Additional Consideration You Should Make When Seeking New Windows and Doors

As many home and business owners consider the added benefits they will gain by replacing outdated doors and windows in their buildings, some additional points to consider include:

  • The amount of increased energy efficiency that can be obtained with new products
  • Better quality of air for them, their families, and other to enjoy by preventing outside elements from invading the building
  • Protection against insect and pest infestations when common entry points are sealed off
  • Overall heightened level of comfort by being able to obtain a constant temperature indoors
  • Increased value for their property as a whole
  • Increased curb appeal