Maintaining Your Garage

Keeping your garage in good working order is a very important part of maintaining a healthy, happy home. If a garage is left to fall into disarray, this can have many cascading problems throughout your entire home. While there are many reasons for this, the most important reason is that some of the most expensive appliances in your home are likely stored in the garage. Things like hot water heaters, HVAC units and washing machines can be extremely expensive to fix. When they are kept in a garage that is constantly in disarray, it can have a cascading impact on the performance of these units.

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Why an Organized Garage Matters

Appliances like hot water heaters and HVAC units require a certain amount of space to properly function. When they are too crowded, they operate inefficiently and can even turn into fire hazards. For example, a HVAC unit will generally require at least two feet of clearance to operate efficiently. In this example, the problem is really one of efficiency. However, this can quickly become a fire hazard if you're talking about a gas furnace or even a hot water heater. If these units are crowded, the dry air around them can make nearby flammables much more likely to catch fire.

A major issue with garages is that most people use them as a place to store random things that they can't find much use for. These are the things that homeowners want to just keep out of the way. Over time, people accumulate more and more things so this pile of unused storage just keeps getting bigger. If liquidating these items is not desirable, then investing in a solid amount of garage shelving is the next best thing. Garage shelving units are a great way to keep your storage items off of the ground, organized and away from your important appliances.

Garage shelving comes in many shapes and sizes. Having wall shelving installed by a qualified contractor is a very popular way for homeowners to organize their garages. However, there are also professionally-built free standing storage units that you can use as well. The point is that there are many options out there for people who want to have a more organized garage space. The exact direction you take in your search for storage will depend entirely on the items you want to organize and the amount of stuff you need to get out of the way.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors may seem simple, but the truth is that they're much more difficult to work with than you may think. Garage doors are heavy, unwieldy and repairing one requires a specific range of specialty tools. Some garage doors use non-standard sizes of bolts other accessories that are not commonly found in home improvement stores. Due to their size and awkward shape, it can take hours of hard work to accomplish even the simplest of repairs. The same can be said for garage door openers. The motors and electric controllers used in garage door openers are difficult to work with and they require special training to repair. As with garage doors, many garage door openers utilize non-standard parts that are not very common in home improvement stores. Another important factor to consider is that many garage door openers come with a warranty that becomes null and void when repairs are done by non-certified technicians. This means that if something happens during a repair job, the damages will not be covered unless the work was being done by a qualified technician. When you look at it rationally, there are very few benefits to taking on these types of projects on your own. It makes more sense to work with a qualified contractor when you need to have your garage door or garage door opener worked on. The extra training these people go through helps them to get through repair jobs significantly faster than untrained "DIY" homeowners. Professional contractors will also have access to the many non-standard parts that can be used in garage doors and garage door openers.

It's a Simple Process

Having work done on your garage is a simple process if you know how to find the right contractor. Working with qualified professionals on your garage needs is the best way to make sure the work is done right the first time. Professionals can get in and out faster than you may think. This means you have to spend less time worrying about how you're going to take care of these issues. In the end, the prevalence of qualified contractors around the country means that having work done on your garage has never been a simpler process.