Exterior Painters for your home

There are the growing number of people who love the charm and character of having the exterior of their home painted. If you want to keep your home's exterior looking warm, clean and inviting, then a new coat of paint is an excellent choice. By turning to a professional exterior painting contractor you will ensure your home's exterior is properly maintained and given that appealing look.

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Types of Exterior Paint

When it comes to exterior paint, you can choose from oil-based or water-based. Oil-based paint tends to look much smoother when it dries, but water-based paint is much easier to clean. Oil-based paint penetrates deeper into your wood to offer more protection, but water-based gloss paint tends to retain its glossy look much better.

Which one should you choose for your project? When you hire a professional exterior painting contractor, then you can discuss your options with the contractor and your contractor can make the best recommendation.

Eco-Friendly Paints

In recent years, paint manufacturers have been able to create eco-friendly exterior paints that offer the penetration and protection of oil-based paints, and the glossy look of water-based. When you talk to your painting contractor, discuss your eco-friendly options to see which ones may be right for your project. It is just one more way that you can have a green home and do your part to keep the environment clean.

Benefits of Exterior Painting

Exterior painting has several benefits over siding. For one thing, exterior paint looks cleaner than siding. When you paint the exterior of your home, that single protective coat always looks better than siding with seams in it. Siding also has a limitation on the number of colors you can choose from, where paint comes in any color you could wish for.

When it comes to weather resistance, good paint will protect your home in weather that would normally damage siding. Once your siding is damaged, your home is exposed to more potential damage. With painting, your home is not going to be exposed to the weather as each and every crevice of the exterior of your home will be protected.

You should have a new coat of paint put on your home at least once every five to 10 years to maintain it. At that point, you can choose to change the color scheme of your home if you wish.

Why You Need a Contractor

The prep work that is done on your home prior to having an exterior coat of paint put on is critical to the success of the project. A professional knows how to do a comprehensive job on the prep work and make sure that your home is well-protected once the final coat is put on. A professional can get the job done quickly and get you the results you are looking for.

Finding A Good Contractor

When you get quotes from contractors, you should get at least three itemized quotes that you can compare to find the best deal. Be sure that each contractor includes a list of references with each quote so that you can find out the quality of work each contractor has done from former customers.

Any reputable contractor would be more than happy to provide you with their insurance information and a copy of their contractor's license. Before you move forward with any exterior painting contractor, always make sure that you have all of the information you need to make sure the contractor is reputable and that you are getting the best possible deal.

An exterior painting job is critical to preserving the investment you have made in your home. When you want your home's exterior painted properly, be sure to leave the job to a reputable and qualified professional contractor.