Plaster, Dywall and Ceramic Tile Repair

Plaster, Dywall and Ceramic Tile RepairWorking in plaster, drywall and ceramic tile trades all require practice and a great deal of training. Many of these tradesmen start as an apprentice and attend certification classes to work independently or with a company down the road. There are a variety of services that workers in these trades can provide. Each tradesman has a special skill or area of expertise and it is important to hire a contractor accordingly.

Large Wall Crack Repair

Plaster work is often requested to repair cracks in walls, ceilings and other areas of the home. A skilled contractor will assess the situation, look for leaks and find the cause of the crack prior to repairing it. There may be additional repairs to make prior to the crack being filled.

To repair a crack in a wall or ceiling, a contractor will strip the area of existing paint or wallpaper. This opens up the area around the crack so that the depth and dimensions can be viewed easier. A bit of cleaning to make a fresh surface is also required. Following this, new plaster will be added to the affected area and it is smoothed. Once it is dry, the contractor can then smooth the surface again and prepare it for repainting.

Patching Ceramic Tile Surfaces

Patching ceramic tile is a complicated trade. This requires precision cutting, using a water saw, as well as precise measurements. The contractor will either take a photo or a sample of another cracked tile to purchase materials with. If an exact match cannot be found, a suggestion to replace the entire area may be made. Similar patterns may be available that will not be noticeable to the naked eye that can serve as a replacement. The contractor should discuss everything with you prior to purchasing materials. Removal of the exiting tile in the affected area must occur first, followed by a cleaning of the base of the floor. This prepares the area for the new tile to be put down. Adhesive must be applied and once the tile is set, it must be grouted to prevent further damage and to help keep it in place.

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Repairing Holes in Drywall

Holes in drywall can happen rather easily. In some cases, moving furniture around or rough housing inside the home can cause accidental punctures in the wall. Sometimes these are much larger than what a small patch job would require. Hiring a drywall contractor is often the ideal solution. In some cases, cutting out a big section and replacing it with an entirely new sheet is the best solution. This requires the wall area to be repainted once the new sheet of drywall is properly anchored, mudded in and sanded.

Hiring the Right Professional for the Job

Contractors all have strengths and weaknesses. If you post an ad looking for a contractor, state specifically the area of expertise that the contractor must possess to be considered for the job. If you are performing a search locally or online, it is ideal to view all available credentials to see if their style or workmanship is up to par. A contractor's style is important when it comes to tile repair work as it must match the existing ceramic tile in the home.

It is ideal to view samples in a portfolio that includes before and after photos. With these samples should be a direct contact person and phone number to verify that the work in the photos was completed in their home by that contractor. A good portfolio will also include schooling, certification dates and testimonials from past clients.

What to be Aware of When Hiring a Contractor

Use your best judgment when hiring a contractor. It is beneficial to view portfolios and follow up with references that are provided by the contractor if you are hiring independently. It is also ideal to view online reviews and/or warnings from other consumers that have worked with the same contractor. While it is important to get the job done within your budget and correctly, the safety of your family and household are also important to take into consideration.